Catalyst & Catalyst Support Media

Catalyst & Catalyst Support Media

Catalyst & Catalyst Support Media

Selecting the proper inert catalyst support for each application is very important. Our expertise with world leading manufacturers will assist our end user to select the proper support media depends on temperature, pressure, process situation.

We support our end users with wide variety of products like ceramic balls, Alumina balls, Alumina lumps, Alumina fluted rings.


In association with manufactures of international reputed companies such as, Christy Catalytics, Dupont etc. we can offer a wide range of product portfolio catalysts for PDH plants, feed purification, MTBE, BPA Phenol, Epichlorohydrin.

Similarly, Dupont, Amberlyst catalyst are available in a wide range of particle sizes (from 0.3 mm to 1.2 mm) which have been optimized for their end user to allow good selectivity, low pressure drop and lowest cost operation.

 Our solutions address:

  1. Alkylation.
  2. Base catalysis.
  3. Condensation.
  4. Dimerization.
  5. Esterification.
  6. Etherification.
  7. Hydrogenation (MIBK).
  8. Olefin hydration.
  9. Silane disproportionation.

We supply following catalyst for below applications for sulphur recovery unit (SRU)




  • Selective Oxidation of H2S to element sulphur
  • Selective Reduction of SO2 to element sulphur
  • Alumina based Claus catalyst, large surface area, large pore volume
  • Promoted alumina Claus catalyst, improved COS/CS2 hydrolysis
  • Titania based Claus catalyst, very high COS/CS2 hydrolysis rate
  • Promoted alumina catalyst, works as oxygen scavenger
  • TGTU, maximize total sulphur conversion to 99.5%
  • Low Pressure drop TGTU maximize total sulphur conversion to 99.5%
  • Lower temperature TGTU, higher sulphur conversion rate
  • Low Pressure drop, Lower temperature TGTU, higher sulphur conversion
  • Adsorbent, for low level H2S removal, Shale gas, Syn Gas

With the support of our technical partner Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) is a worldwide leader in technology licensing of sulphur recovery units including ammonia burning, all levels of oxygen enrichment, sub dew point processes, tail gas treating, sulphur degassing and SO2 reduction to sulphur as well as sour gas treating processes.